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    SlopeDeck is the first real option for skateboarding on snow!

    Made and developed in Canada to ride on packed snow on a slope. A CNC-milled, grooved polyethylene ski is mounted under “a regular” wooden skateboard with a layer of rubber in between. The construction creates a board that both turns (like a skateboard) and has grip in the snow.

    Fits perfectly on the toboggan run or the slope behind the house. Build jumps, make tracks, flip like a regular skateboard!

    The board itself is made of 7-layer Canadian maple and lacquered with double layers of polyurethane lacquer for best durability.

    The board (updated in 2023) is like a medium-sized skateboard (8.65 x 33 inches) to provide good stability on snow and space for winter shoes. The top is coated with EVA rubber for best grip. SlopeDeck has holes for attaching string / strap if you so wish.

    SlopeDeck is designed to be ridden on all slopes but not optimal for loose snow and alpine conditions. It is not a traditional snowboard with bindings but is ridden with ordinary winter shoes. You should of course wear a helmet when you go.



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